Useful Links

Looking for some valuable Internet time for students? Check out these sites

For Math Practice

This website is good for individualized math practice. It gives the students an initial math assessment in each area, them targets areas where the student needs extra practice.


For Spelling Practice

To begin, enter our class spelling words for the week on the Spelling Test notepad. Then click red Spelling Test button. Students may take a practice spelling test or they may click the blue “Teach Me” or green “Play a Game” button found below the test for more free practice.

Click on “Create a Custom List” and add our class spelling words for the week. Students may then use these words in a variety of spelling games on the site.


 For Language Arts/Reading/Math Practice

Taped inside the front cover of your student’s agenda, you will find  Classworks sign-in information. Each student has a username and password he or she may enter to use this site. Once signed in, students will click on “Begin Assignment.” Teachers have added assignments for each student based on his/her needs or the skills we are currently working on in class.


For Language Arts/Reading/Math Practice

This site features educational hip-hop videos on a variety of topics/skills, interactive activities, and online quizzes to monitor students’ understanding. Students will log in to this site using the same username and password as the Classworks site. Once logged in, students may view videos or click the assignments tab at the top to complete assigned tasks.